Marcus Dybwad – the new maestro of the Seafood Dinner in Singapore


With his friendly demeanor, charismatic presence, and a touch of rock star aura, not to mention his extraordinary culinary talents, it is a great honor for NBAS and the co-organizers, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore and Innovation Norway, to introduce Markus Dybwad as the new leader of The Annual Seafood Dinner in Singapore. The event takes place on 29 September at Fairmont Hotel.

Markus Dybwad takes over from the legendary Frank Neshæim, who has dedicated over two decades to orchestrating this extraordinary annual event. Together with a stellar team consisting of Jo Bø Klakegg, Jimmy Chok, and Filip Bendi, Markus leads the way into a new era.

Paris, Orkla river and Bocuse d’Or
Markus is now the chef at the historic Grefsenkollen, offering a majestic view of Oslo.
His culinary journey commenced at the renowned Palace Grill in Oslo, where he developed his skills during his apprenticeship. He then expanded his expertise by working at distinguished establishments such as the two-Michelin-starred Bagatelle under the guidance of Eyvind Hellstrøm, as well as The Fat Duck, a prestigious three-Michelin-starred restaurant in London.

Markus has acquired diverse experiences, including culinary ventures in Paris, collaborating with salmon fishermen along the picturesque Orkla River, and even participating in the esteemed Bocuse d’Or competitions held in Sweden, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Promoting Norwegian Seafood
Throughout several periods spent in Singapore, Markus has made significant contributions to the local culinary scene. Notable highlights include his tenure at Iggy’s in 2008, situated at the Regent Hotel then, followed by an enriching stint at Swissotel in 2010, specifically at Equinox, now renowned as Skai. Lastly, from 2014 to 2019, Markus worked closely with Frank Næsheim and Snorre Food, integral to organizing The Annual Seafood Dinner. Throughout his time in Asia, Markus has been deeply committed to promoting Norwegian seafood in Singapore and across the entire region.

‘It shall be even better than last year!’
“The Annual Seafood Dinner in Singapore has always been the pinnacle,” states Markus. “The consistent delivery of exceptional quality, the participation of renowned chefs from diverse backgrounds each year, and above all, the significant impact this event has had on the Norwegian community in Singapore make it an absolute honor to be part of.”

Markus now steps into the shoes of the legendary Frank Nesheim, who personally entrusted him with this legacy. “When Frank expressed his desire to step back and asked me to take over, it felt like both a joyous opportunity and a heartfelt duty to contribute to the continuation of this extraordinary event,” says Markus.

With great enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, Markus Dybwad is now fully engaged in upholding the established motto: “It shall be even better than last year.”

Welcome aboard, Markus!

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