NBAS Talks #9: Autonomous Shipping

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Autonomous shipping – is it safe? And will it save the planet?

In this episode, we dive into the phenomenon of autonomous shipping with Pia Meling. She is the Vice President of Massterly, a Kongsberg and Wilhelmsen Joint Venture – with an ambition to make autonomy a reality.

The commercial marine shipping industry accounts for more than 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Hence, to save the planet, the shipping industry is important. The industry has committed to drastically reduce their carbon emissions and are exploring several different methods to reach the goals. Among these is hydrogen, green ammonia, electrification, and arguably, autonomy. Last year, a shipowner was cited saying “autonomous ships won’t save the planet” – there are things we need to focus on that are far more important! What does Pia have to say about this? Tune in to learn more!

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