NBAS-talks #13 – How Web 3.0 changes business operations

Nbas Talks Web 3.0

How Web 3.0 changes business operations


In this episode of NBAS Talks. Magnus Grimeland, CEO of Antler, talks with Alex Svanevik, CEO and founder of Norwegian blockchain analytics platform Nansen A. I. 

The pair focuses on Web 3.0. Over the last few years, Web 3.0 has grown quickly. It has become a large part of the economy and will continue to impact business operations dramatically. Magnus and Alex give you insight into blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Decentralised Finance (DeFi), and

Decentralised Autonomous Orgs (DAOs). What are these phenomena, and how do they impact the way we do business? Also, learn why Alex Svanevik believes Singapore is the leading crypto-hub in Asia and a top 3 hub worldwide.

To find out more about Nansen A.I, visit their website: and follow @ASvanevik and @nansen_ai on Twitter.