NBAS Talks #12 – The future of ammonia as a bunkering fuel

Nbas Talks Ammonia

NBAS Talks #12 – The future of ammonia as a bunkering fuel


Dr. Per Christer Lund in an in-depth conversation with Dr. Sanjay Kuttan on ammonia. If you want to learn everything about the future of ammonia as a bunkering fuel, here are 36 minutes for you!
This episode of NBAS-talks is a cooperation between Innovation Norway and NBAS.
Disclaimer: We recorded this episode on 21 February, so we don’t reflect any development after that date.

Topics covered in this episode

• The role of the Global Center for Maritime Decarbonisation.
• What is ammonia, and what does it have to do with the maritime sector?
• The safety aspects of handling ammonia as bunkering fuel.
• The status of ammonia as a bunker fuel – do we have any ships running on ammonia today?
• Ammonia – a cheap or expensive bunker fuel?
• The potential impact of ammonia on the carbon footprint?
• Green sourcing of ammonia – who gets there first?
• The opportunities for Norwegian players in Singapore.

In dialogue

Per Christer Lund

Dr. Per Christer Lund

Technology Counsellor at Innovation Norway Singapore

Dr. Sanjay Kuttan

Dr. Sanjay C Kuttan

Chief Technology Officer, Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation