Norwegian Business Association, in collaboration with Innovation Norway, presents NBAS Talks – a Norway Singapore Business Podcast. We discuss innovation, new technology and solutions focusing on Norwegian business in Singapore and Asia.

Hosted by: Anders Hegre, Executive Director at Norwegian Business Association Singapore and Pål Kastmann, Head of Innovation Norway. Norway means business!

#11 SPACs

In this episode of our podcast-series NBAS-talks, we discuss one of the hottest trends in finance, so called special purpose acquisition companies, shortened SPACS.


In this episode of NBAS Talks, we have gathered Team Norway leaders H.E. Ambassador Anita Nergaard, NBAS President Leonard Stornes and Director of Innovation Norway, Paul Kastmann. We discuss the trends and challenges of our time, concluding that now is the ideal time to set up shop in the region.


In this episode, we dive into the phenomenon of autonomous shipping with Pia Meling. She is the Vice President of Massterly, a Kongsberg and Wilhelmsen Joint Venture – with an ambition to make autonomy a reality.

The commercial marine shipping industry accounts for more than 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Hence, to save the planet, the shipping industry is important. The industry has committed to drastically reduce their carbon emissions and are exploring several different methods to reach the goals. Among these is hydrogen, green ammonia, electrification, and arguably, autonomy. Last year, a shipowner was cited saying “autonomous ships won’t save the planet” – there are things we need to focus on that are far more important! What does Pia have to say about this? Tune in to learn more!


In this episode we talk with director Paul Kastmann of Innovation Norway about business opportunities for Norwegian companies in South East Asia. We are covering sectors where Norway is strong, like clean energy and aquaculture, in addition to a relatively new field, health tech.

Tune in toget the IN-director’s view on 2021 contra 2020, the importance of cooperation with his counterparts within Singaporean government, and the benefits of Singapore as a business-hub. Paul has a broad experience from Asia and shares his view on cultural differences between different countries in the region. You will also get his best tips to companies considering establishing themselves in Singapore. Furthermore, in the episode Paul emphasizes the importance of Nordic Innovation House as part of the support system.

Thanks to DNB for sponsoring the episode.


Shipping is the topic of this episode of NBAS talks. More specifically, we are focusing on the crew changes crisis, caused by the Covid 19-pandemic. Today, we are asking: With the recent mutations of the virus in UK and South Africa: Is the shipping industry better prepared, or will we see a crisis as bad, or worse than in spring 2020?

With us to discuss the crew changes crisis in this episode of NBAS-talks, are Mr. Esben Poulsson, president of the International Chamber of Shipping, Mr Olav Nortun, CEO of Thome and Mr. Marius Johansen, Vice President Commercial of Wilhelmsen Ship Agency.

Thanks to DNVGL for sponsoring this podcast.


In this episode of NBAS–talks, our experts Cristina Saenz De Santa Maria from DNVGL and Erik Strømsø from Pareto Securities Asia share a positive outlook on Decarbonization within the maritime sector. Yes, we will reach our goals, is their conclusion. The panel has a look at different drivers for decarbonization – like policy making, regulations, innovation/technology, and finance. If anything, policy making and the lack of the ability to agree on and sign binding multinational agreements is a key factor that endangers the goals for decarbonization. The message from DNV GL is clear: To succeed, we have to start now.

Thanks to DNVGL for sponsoring this podcast and our forthcoming specialist insight panel namely Decarbonize – Stay Profitable broadcasted live from studio on the 19th of November.

#4 and #5 SUPER APPS

While Super Apps have become a trending phenomenon in the world of tech, the concept itself remains ambiguous to many. If you live in the West, you might have heard the term being used, but if you live in Asia, Super Apps is something you cannot escape. Super Apps are built and developed as marketplaces for several integrated services in one consolidated tech solution. Super Apps are multipurpose platforms, offering services such as voice and video chat, ridesharing, food delivery, lifestyle services, e-commerce, digital banking and payments, to only mention a few. In one simple phrase, Super Apps have become the swissknife of modern day living in Asia.

In this episode of NBAS Talks, we have gathered a panel of top qualified experts that will explore the topic of Super Apps. We welcome Magnus Grimeland, from Antler and Joachim Braathen from Grab! Ine Jacobsen from Cocoon Capital and Anders Hegre moderates the podcast. 

In Norwegian

In English


In this episode of NBAS Talks, a collaboration between NBAS and Innovation Norway, we focus on healtech. We have brought together brilliant minds from Singapore and Norway. Our guests are Ann Kristin Rotegård, manager of VAR Healthcare in Norway, and director of Future Health Systems at Singapore General Hospital, Geoffrey Gui. We talk about the matchmaking between Singapore and Norway regarding innovation in the health sector, cyber security, maintaining the patients feeling of being taken care of, how the health systems in Singapore and Norway were prepared for COVID 19 and many other topics. Both Ann Kristin and Geoffrey has in depth understanding of the opportunities provided by technology, as well as a longstanding experience working directly with patients. Are you in doubt of what healthtech is? You won’t be after joining us for this educational half hour..

#2: Maritime innovation, part 1

In this episode of NBAS Talks – a podcast series focusing on Norway Singapore Business, we focus on digitalisation within the Maritime sector. Our guests are Steen Lund from Singapore Shipping Association and Magnus Lande from Veracity, DNVGL. Because Singapore is the top ranked maritime city in the world, it is surprising that Singapore is not top ranked within Maritime Technology. Therefore, what measures does this ambitious and innovative country undertake to get to the techno-top? Consequently, why is cooperation so important to enhance development within the maritime sector? Furthermore, how is innovation and digitalisation influenced by Covid-19? Finally, what made Steen Lund and Magnus Lande dedicate their lives to the maritime sector?

Join us for 45 highly educational minutes for the answer on these and many more questions. Even more, we are praising a couple of Norwegian key players within the maritime sector for their innovative initiatives. Maybe it’s you, listen and find out!!

Hosts for NBAS Talks is Anders Hegre and Pål Kastmann.
This episode was produced by Linda Hesselberg

#1: COVID-19 – How it affects business

In this episode, we will be discussing how COVID-19 has affected business in Singapore. Furthermore, how the pandemic will force us to do business in new and different ways. Hence,  we have asked Head of Innovation Norway, Pål Kastmann, Supply Chain Director Asia at Yara International, Hilde S. Bjerknes and Vice President at Crayon, Erling Hesselberg.

Furthermore, please help us give accurate feedback to the Norwegian government about your business challenges and needs during COVID-19, here is the survey (in Norwegian) Pål Kastmann refers to in the episode.

This episode was produced by Linda Hesselberg

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