Innovation pipeline showcase: New Nuclear and a True Zero Emissions Shipping Industry

Gaston Petrocelli Snic 2022 2

Relive Gaston Petrocelli’s insightful and educational keynote speech on the new nuclear at SNIC 2022.

The learnings shared in his speech were truly valuable and thought-provoking, providing a glimpse into the future of energy and sustainability.

We are pleased to share that those who are interested in learning more about New Nuclear have a great opportunity this week. Core Power is hosting the “New Nuclear for Maritime” symposium in Singapore on February 9, 2023, which will delve deeper into the viability of using nuclear energy as a means of reducing waste and emissions in the shipping industry.

Nuclear energy has long been considered the only “True Zero Emission” technology that can replace fossil fuels and is the safest dispatchable energy source available. At the symposium, attendees will hear from keynote speakers, participate in technology briefings, and engage in discussions about the regulatory landscape.

Additionally, there will be ample opportunities for networking and learning about the potential of using “New Nuclear” for powering offshore energy and ocean transportation towards a cleaner and economically competitive future.

Are you interested in joining the symposium, please sign up here.

See Gaston’s presentation deck here

Thanks to our partners and sponsors supporting SNIC!
We will still unpack and share the learnings from SNIC 2022

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