Addressing Decarbonisation Challenges using the s-Suite

Kaushik Seal Snic2022

StormGeo. You can’t do much against nature. But we can tell when the storm is coming and where it is heading.

There is no doubt that weather routing has proven extremely useful for shipowners striving for energy efficiency, lower cost, and lower carbon emissions.

Route optimisation is an innovation delivered – and proven. It is now an industry standard and saves the shipping industry an estimated USD $180M every year.

Started on TV

Out of a weather studio in Bergen, StormGeo was founded in 1997 by the well-known Norwegian weather forecaster Siri Kalvig and a small group of young entrepreneurs.

They realised the potential for weather intelligent services to make the weather forecast meaningful for shipping, offshore platforms, drilling, and coastal areas. Hence, they started developing these solutions.

Initial scepticism

In the beginning, there was some resistance to weather routing – no one would tell experienced captains where to steer the schooner. But eventually, ship owners and others have realised that weather routing is smart for safety reasons and economic and environmental reasons.

An example is Odfjell SE, also among the presenters at SNIC 2022. In 2018 alone, 66 ships in Odfjell’s fleet followed a weather-optimised route 145 times. In total, Odfjell estimates this weathe$18Me from StormGeo, has saved 48,605 MT in emissions and USD $18M in savings in the decade from 2009-2019. (Source: Riviera News)

We thank Gold sponsor StormGeo for supporting SNIC 2022 – a call to maritime decarbonisation!

To learn more about weather routing and route optimisation, please visit StormGeo here.

Please relive the speech at SNIC 2022 by Kaushik Seal.

Innovation Delivered Showcase: Addressing Decarbonisation Challenges using the s-Suite.

We will be unpacking and sharing the learnings from SNIC 2022 in the coming days and weeks.
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