NetZero 2050 – The greatest investment challenge

Yngve Slyngstad Snic 2022

The net-zero challenge is urgent and large and affects all sectors, says Mr. Yngve Slyngstad. He joined SNIC 2022 as a keynote speaker and panelist at Conrad Centennial on 18 November.

The title of his speech was Net Zero, The greatest investment challenge. However, it could have been called The greatest innovation challenge or The greatest maritime challenge.

See Mr Slyngstads brilliant keyote below

Yngve Slyngstad served for 13 years as CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM). During his tenure, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund grew from approximately EUR 200 billion to over EUR 1 trillion. This made the fund the largest single shareholder in the world’s stock markets.

Currently, Mr. Slyngstad is the Managing Partner of Industry Capital Partners (ICP), which he established with the Norwegian industrial investment company Aker ASA.

ICP’s mission is to invest in the full breadth and depth of the climate transition. This includes all aspects, from seed funding of low-carbon technologies to renewable infrastructure projects.

Based on Mr. Slyngstad’s keynote speech and the keynote from Mr. Chris Ong, Chief Executive Keppel Offshore & Marine, and Managing Director, Keppel Renewable Energy, Senior Partner in McKinsey & Company Oliver Tonby moderated a panel discussion between Mr. Ong, Mr. Slyngtstad and Mr. Law Chung Ming Executive Director, Transport and Logistics, Enterprise Singapore and Mr. Paul Kastmann, Director Innovation Norway Singapore.

Please tune in to this great dialogue from SNIC 2022 to hear our experts give insight into the following questions.

  • What are the most important opportunities going forward?
  • Who will be the winners?
  • What are the most important conditions for innovation?
  • Despite the urgency and available solutions, why are we not moving quicker?
  • What is the potential in collaboration?

We will be unpacking and sharing the learnings from SNIC 2022 in the coming days and weeks.
Thanks to our partners and sponsors supporting SNIC!


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