Innovation pipeline showcase: Bringing maritime expertise to help enable an energy transition value chain

Nakul Malhotra Snic 2022

Wilhelmsen Group, managing more than 250 vessels,  is leading the way in driving the energy transition and decarbonization in the maritime industry. At the recent SNIC 2022 – A call for maritime decarbonization, Nakul Malhotra, the Vice President of Emerging Opportunities Portfolio, showcased the company’s innovative projects and initiatives aimed at decarbonization.

One of the ways Wilhelmsen Group is committing to decarbonization is through their partnership with Yara to establish a bunker network and make Green ammonia available to vessels by 2024. In addition, the company is building, owning, and operating zero-emission vessels for forward-thinking cargo owners.

To learn more about how Wilhelmsen Group is bringing maritime expertise to enable an energy transition value chain, please watch Mr. Malhotra’s keynote speech at SNIC 2022 – A call to maritime decarbonization here:

You can see Mr Malhotra’s power point presentation here

A warm thanks to Wilhemsen Group for sponsoring the lunch for 50 maritime students at SNIC 2022, allowing for an inspirational meeting between talent and industry.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors supporting SNIC!
We will still unpack and share the learnings from SNIC 2022

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