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Flokk has made sustainable design their main competitive advantage since the very beginning. The company is born out of a strong belief in human-centered design and has become the market leader in design, development and production of workplace furniture and acoustic solutions in Europe. Throughout times, their office furniture have not only pleased the eye, but also the bodies of the very person sitting in them. Flokk is home to the brands HÅG, RH, Giroflex, BMA, RBM, Offecct, Profim, 9to5 Seating and Malmstolen. We spoke to Jason Yap, General Manager of Flokk Singapore and Asia, about the green transition and how Flokk is innovating with sustainable design.

Office solutions that makes you work better

Flokk’s main vision is to inspire great work. Meaning, Flokk is on a journey to improve people’s well-being and performance so that they can fulfil their potential. In their blog, focus.flokk.com, Flokk illustrates, through a number of articles, how important sustainably designed furniture is to people’s health and thus, work performance.

Sustainable design that makes you move more

Your next position is always the best one”, says Jason Yap, General Manager at Flokk Asia, while referring to Dr. Levine’s quote: “sitting is the new smoking”. Flokk is famous for the CAPISCO chair by HÅG. The chair’s design is inspired by a horseback rider’s posture, and offers endless ways to sit or half stand. All of which encourage you to vary your position often. This way, you move, even when sitting down!

Hag Capisco 8106 Rbm Noor Coral 6080 B

Attention to sound

You might have experienced fatigue related to a noisy work environment. Flokk’s brand OFFECCT specialises in developing soundscapes that positively impact the work environment. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they also help you get ideal sound isolation. You can read more about evolutionary and environmental factors of noise here.

Offecct Soundsticks 02

Aesthetics and design at the workplace increases employee retention

We all love a beautiful place to work in. In addition, it has been proven, design affects employee retention. With Flokk’s beautifully designed furniture and acoustic solutions, they are also answering to this.

Sustainable design is circular design

In addition to creating designs that are good for the workforce of today, Flokk is also thinking about the future. And this is not something they just came up with. For more than 35 years, Flokk has applied tangible measures to become an uncontested leader in sustainable furniture design and manufacturing. In all their design processes, they strictly follow their own 5 circular design criteria; Low weight, few components, right choice of materials, long life span and design for disassembly. In addition, they have chosen 3 focus areas for sustainability. Namely, Climate, Resources and Health. Their concept is even incorporated in their logo. See the video below, for a better understanding on they way Flokk works.

Want to see the furniture live?

At #SNIC2021, you will be able to see the furniture in use by our speakers onstage. In addition, Flokk Singapore welcomes you to their showroom at 49 Cantonment Rd, Singapore 089750.

When it comes to choosing office or home office furniture, we are more than convinced. If office furniture can help us do our best at work, and at the same time, benefit future generations, we are all in! Read more about Flokk and its amazing furniture here.

Win a chair from Flokk at SNIC 2021

Flokk is a sponsor of SNIC 2021. During the event, you will have the possibility to win a chair. Sign up and attend to participate.

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