-Opposites are not necessarily a barrier, but a door opener

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Sigrid Inderberg is a professional musician, working as the International Artistic Director for The Norwegian Cultural Center in Singapore. Her whole life she has received encouragement from her parents to follow her dream and musical talent, playing the flute. She is self-disciplined, gritty, empathetic and loves new adventures. These traits excel through her dedication to music, and her love for experiencing new countries and cultures. 

Sigrid spent many years living in China, working with music and education. While living in Singapore, she took a masters degree in Arts and Cultural Leadership at Lasalle College of the Arts. Today, she has lived almost five years in Singapore with her husband and two sons. Her work is project based, and can be quite hectical. During a project, she works day and night. 

-In these intense periods I always practice my flute. Even though I do not have a concert next week, it is like a meditation for me.

The Cultural Center’s next big project is a hybrid visual arts exhibition happening in April. Read more about the event here. 

What is your professional goal? 

-To keep working with what I love, in the arts and culture, and to be able to look back at my achievements and see that I contributed to a change.

What are the core values in your work?

-Quality, balance, equality and sustainability are important values I include in my work. (…) Being Norwegian, from an international point of view, I am very grateful for having grown up in a country that values gender equality. This is a mindset I build my work around. 

Sigrid spends a lot of time on projects with people from all around the world. The main goal for the Culture Center is to create a global community where people have the opportunity to explore Norwegian culture, and additionally facilitate cultural exchange. 

-I personally believe that cultural exchange is very important, because it can enhance a deeper understanding for each other. It is very inspiring to work with a team where we share this mission, because there is a great potential here that we should take advantage of. (…) Someone once told me “music is is one of the few languages where opposites are not necessarily the barrier, but rather a door opener.” 

What is the best advice you have been given in your career? 

-Let the quality of your work speak for you.

Do you have any advice for women entering the creative industry today?

-The creative industry has many passionate people that are motivated and have a genuine desire to be there. It can be challenging to make a living out of your art, especially in the early years of your career. Therefore, my advice is to set up a long- and short term business plan. This will give you guidance in how you can make a living from your art. (…) It is also wise to build your network across sectors that can strengthen you in the future.

Sigrid expresses that in her line of work, she has never felt different or excluded because of her gender. 

-Maybe we look more beyond gender, sector and other things that can impact you to feel different. (…) Your voice is your instrument, who plays the instrument is not as important as how you communicate through your music. Sometimes you don’t even speak the same language, you just play together. 

Sigrid points out that as parents and society, we can all contribute to empower others from an early age. This can lead to stronger confidence, courage and bigger ambitions in the future. Further, she emphasizes that this attitude can contribute to making you feel entitled to go for the top job, start your own company and take risks. 

-With the right mindset and encouraging people surrounding you, you have the ability to empower yourself. 

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