CYVIZ – Transforming how people work

Snic 2021 Cyviz Silver Sponsor

Cyviz is one of the fastest-growing global technology leaders developing and delivering solutions for standardized conference rooms, control rooms, experience centers, and collaboration spaces for government bodies and large enterprises around the globe. Since 1998, Cyviz has been transforming how people work. Their Easy Software Platform is a no-code technology built to provide optimum user experience through a UI like a smartphone, minimizing operational training and cost for the organizations. Spanned across 18 experience centers worldwide, Cyviz supports the communication and collaboration needs of 600+ global customers with the highest requirements of security, quality, and usability. Cyviz listed on Euronext Growth at Oslo Stock Exchange since 2020. We spoke to Shweta Aggarwal, Regional Marketer at Cyviz about how Cyviz transforms how people work.

A game-changer in IT, AV, and UC: Bringing the three technologies together

Today, with hybrid working and increased usage of data, the demand for high-quality visual collaboration is rising. In other words, government officials and CEOs demand life-like and engaging user experiences that exceed the simple two-way video conference meetings of the past. Decision-makers rely on pixel-perfect visualization to process large sums of data for critical decision-making. One part of Cyviz’ mission is to develop technology that delivers versatile experiences in #hybrid workspaces for people and organizations. Their solutions engage people, encourage collaboration, and accelerate decision-making. Cyviz has positioned itself as the go-to player for collaborative technology, with customers ranging from the US Department of Defense to over 30+ Fortune 500 companies.

CYVIZ helps companies reduce their carbon impact

Companies have long seen the cost-cutting benefits of teleconference software. However, they are now also seeing the environmental impact of using good collaboration technology. Cyviz recognizes the benefits of sustainable business practices and can support environmental initiatives by helping companies fulfill their carbon footprint goals. Cyviz’s #hybridwork technology supports collaboration, high-performance data visualization and enables secure communication connecting teams from various locations, reducing the need for travel and subsequently travel miles and carbon emission. Each of these reductions in energy consumption adds up to greater savings, both financially and environmentally, helping to reduce a company’s overall carbon impact.

Business opportunities in the green transition

Technology will play an increasing role in addressing the global sustainability challenges. Consequently, Cyviz believes that every organization needs to take up the challenge and reduce its carbon impact. Moving to collaborative technology is one action companies and governments can take. “Cyviz believes that businesses need to take ownership of their actions and implement sustainable business models to support growth. “, says Shweta. Everywhere there is a need for people working together, there is a chance for Cyviz to improve how they work. In addition, by using collaborative technology like Cyviz, companies engage people more, encourage better collaboration, and accelerate decision-making. As a result, we see a reduced carbon footprint.

Cyviz is Silver Sponsor at SNIC2021

SNIC 2021 is a hybrid event online and at Suntec Singapore. NBAS, The Norwegian Embassy in Singapore, and Innovation Norway are event organizers. This year, we are looking at business opportunities in the green transition. Cyviz is a silver sponsor for the event. Sign up for SNIC 2021 here.