NBAS Talks #6: Decarbonization – yes, we will get there!

Nbas TALKS image


In this episode of NBAS–talks, our experts Cristina Saenz De Santa Maria from DNVGL and Erik Strømsø from Pareto Securities Asia share a positive outlook on Decarbonization within the maritime sector. Yes, we will reach our goals, is their conclusion. The panel has a look at different drivers for decarbonization – like policy making, regulations, innovation/technology, and finance. If anything, policy making and the lack of the ability to agree on and sign binding multinational agreements is a key factor that endangers the goals for decarbonization. The message from DNV GL is clear: To succeed, we have to start now.

Thanks to DNVGL for sponsoring this podcast and our forthcoming specialist insight panel namely Decarbonize – Stay Profitable broadcasted live from studio on the 19th of November.

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