NBAS Talks #4 and #5: Super apps

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While Super Apps have become a trending phenomenon in the world of tech, the concept itself remains ambiguous to many. If you live in the West, you might have heard the term being used, but if you live in Asia, Super Apps is something you cannot escape. Super Apps are built and developed as marketplaces for several integrated services in one consolidated tech solution. Super Apps are multipurpose platforms, offering services such as voice and video chat, ridesharing, food delivery, lifestyle services, e-commerce, digital banking and payments, to only mention a few. In one simple phrase, Super Apps have become the swissknife of modern day living in Asia.

In this episode of NBAS Talks, we have gathered a panel of top qualified experts that will explore the topic of Super Apps. We welcome Magnus Grimeland, from Antler and Joachim Braathen from Grab! Ine Jacobsen from Cocoon Capital and Anders Hegre moderates the podcast. 

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