Young talents – the future of sustainable innovation and change! 

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Nora Haldorsen GrønåsAuthor: Nora Haldorsen Grønås


Green financing paving the way to a sustainable future – Join the discussion at Singapore Norway Innovation Conference 2023! 

Green financing is on the agenda of this year’s SNIC event! NBAS values business that incorporate environmental considerations into their decision-making processes, recognising the importance of this matter. Therefore the goal is to engage discussions between experts, solution providers, financial institutions and other policymakers. Furthermore this can contribute to ensuring a more sustainable and green future for the global community. 

-Singapore is a whole other ballgame

While the other exchange students have travelled home for their summer vacation, the NHH students Martin Notto (23) from Bærum and Olav Solheim (22) from Oslo are currently working for DNB from Guoco Tower – the tallest building in Singapore! Having just completed their exchange semesters at the National University of Singapore (NUS), they were determined to seize the opportunity to intern at one of the world’s leading financial institutions. 

-Singapore is a whole other ballgame compared to Oslo, Olav says enthusiastically. When asked about his reflections on DNB’s role as a gold sponsor of SNIC 2023 he says:

-I think being a sponsor of SNIC is a smart move for DNB. It is important to help assist companies with their financing and investments into the green transition. In that regard, DNB can contribute with their experience and expertise in the field.

Apart from Martin, Olav, and their MD in the investment banking division, the rest of their division team consists of locals from Singapore and China, offering a diverse and multicultural environment.

-Singapore is home to all the biggest banks and is a gateway to the Asian markets. Getting a better understanding of these markets and how things work down here is a unique and valuable experience, Olav emphasises and further adds:

-Working in an investment bank is something I have always dreamed of. The opportunity to work in investment banking in a worldwide financial hub like Singapore, was an opportunity second to none.

Similar to Olav, Martin was eager to go down the same path. He expresses his excitement about gaining hands-on experience in investment banking. 

-I think this is a great steppingstone to hopefully establishing a career within this sector, he adds.

What is your professional goal? 

Both Martin and Olav envision themselves establishing careers in finance. Speaking about their goals for the future, Olav shares that he aims to work on large and meaningful transactions. Furthermore he expresses his wish to develop the skills needed for a career in investment banking and also gain a deeper understanding of financial markets. Martin agrees with Olav and claims: 

-I want to be a part of shaping a sustainable future. Through investment banking I believe that you have a unique opportunity to contribute in a positive way. 

As well as discussions on sustainability, empowering young talent will be on the agenda of Singapore Norway Innovation Conference 2023. Exploring green financing and sustainable development, you cannot ignore the fact that young talents are the future of sustainable innovation. SNIC aims to encourage forward-thinking individuals like Martin and Olav, creating a platform where the importance of student engagement is acknowledged.