Yinson Green Tech: Flying high to reduce carbon emissions

Eirik Barclay

Yinson GreenTech (YGT) aims to electrify Singapore’s fleet of harbour crafts with its soon-to-launch zero emission vessels: the Hydroglyder and the Hydromover to transport people and transport goods, respectively.

YGT believes that the future for operating harbour craft in the port of Singapore is electric vessels fitted with battery packs that can quickly be swapped to ensure continuous operations. Singapore, being the second busiest port in the world, with approximately 800 harbour craft vessels in the Hydroglyder and Hydromover categories, can readily benefit from these next gen, high-tech vessels that will not only immensely reduce the greenhouse gas emissions but also entirely eliminate particulate emissions.


Accelerating electrification

YGT is the green technologies division of the Yinson group (Yinson Holdings Berhad – YHB) and has its headquarters in Singapore. The company works broadly within the marine, mobility, energy and digital segments to develop profitable, disruptive businesses, based on clean technologies and digitalisation to support the decarbonisation of the transport and logistics sectors. The company is riding the electrification wave in Southeast Asia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Singapore is now just starting to introduce electric vessels and we want to take a lead in accelerating the transition to zero-carbon, zero-emissions vessels in the port of Singapore, states Eirik Barclay, CEO of Yinson Green Technology.


Yinson Hydroglyder

At SNIC 2022, Eirik will present the Hydroglyder.  Not entirely by chance, the design of the hydrofoil is inspired by flying sailboats. This particular innovation, “makingthe vessel fly,” solves the main challenge when it comes to high-speed boats, namely hull resistance. Lesser hull resistance will improve energy efficiency, lower cost, increase range and reduce carbon emissions.

Partnering with Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine Singapore (TCOMS) YGT has also developed another fully electric harbour craft for transporting cargo, the Hydromover.

YGT has a holistic approach to electrification and brings in the battery technology and swappable batteries for use in the harbour to reduce peak power demand on shore compared to plugin fast charging. The prototype of the Hydroglyder and Hydromover will be launched in the first half of 2023. The goal is to be in commercial operation in 2024 and have the operational capacity to meet demand, states Eirik.


Good Norwegian story

Eirik Barclay highlights the Hydroglyder as a good Norwegian story at SNIC 2022. The conference is about cooperation between Norway and Singapore.

You will meet him at SNIC 2022 at Conrad Centennial, Friday 18 November. YGT is a gold sponsor of SNIC 2022 and will also host a cocktail party at the end of the conference.