The power of volunteers

The Power Of Volunteers

NBAS is committed to being a platform for knowledge-sharing and cooperation for the Norwegian business community in Singapore and the region. We are also building a bridge for Norwegian business to Singapore and the SEA-region and working to strengthen the bonds between Singapore and Norway in all areas.

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Most of the work by NBAS is done on a voluntary basis, including the operations of our board. Hence, our volunteers play a crucial role in creating value for our members. They assist with everything from article writing, to event planning and mapping potential member companies.

We are honoured that over the last couple of years talented and engaged people have stepped up and said “Hey, we want to contribute to NBAS and the Norwegian business community” . And best of all, once they are in the door, they tend to stay. What NBAS offer in return for their efforts are access to a large business network, including all NBAS-events, an active working environment with great learning opportunities and Team lunches to celebrate our achievements.

Below is a presentation of our volunteers, contributing for the Norwegian business community, both in Singapore and Norway.

The power of our volunteers.

Ingrid Solberg Simonsen (25)

Content producer, Singapore

The best part about volunteering with NBAS is the networking opportunities – particularly since the pandemic hit!

Ingrid has been in Singapore for almost 5 years and volunteered for NBAS for more than two of them. She came here to complete her studies in International Marketing at Nanyang Technological University and has stayed ever since. Ingrid is writing and editing member focus articles and insight articles on

The power of our volunteers.

Kristine Schi Nordvold (26)

The best part about volunteering for NBAS is getting an overview of Norwegian activities in Singapore and the region. It is a unique way to learn more about Norwegian priorities and connect with interesting people.

Kristine came to Singapore in 2020 to pursue a Master of International Affairs at National University of Singapore. During her time in Singapore, she has been particularly interested in topics related to sustainability, including the development of renewables in South-East Asia. In the first half of 2021, Kristine was the Digital Engagement Manager for NBAS. She oversaw the digital channels, planned and hosted events. Kristine is now back in Norway but continues to author articles for NBAS as a volunteer, until starting work at NBIM this august.

The power of our volunteers.

Christer Halsøy Normann (31)


Christer has been in Singapore since September 2020. He has been involved with a number of tasks as NBAS-volunteer. He has authored articles for the website, including member focus articles. Moreover, he has been working on a project to establish a complete overview of Norwegian businesses in Singapore. Christer is currently working with NBAS’ CRM-system to enhance engagement and growth among our members, contacts, and sponsors.

Christopher Lawrence Skelton

Christopher Lawrence Skelton (25)

Content producer, Singapore

Volunteering with NBAS is the best way to connect to the Norwegian community in Singapore and experience working on diverse topic areas, from maritime innovation to novel FinTech solutions.

Christopher first came to Singapore on an exchange to Nanyang University and followed up in August 2019 with a master’s in public policy at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is Irish-Norwegian and grew up in Sandefjord (100km south of Oslo). Christopher has been volunteering for NBAS since Nov 2021. He has a strong interest in exploring the intersection of technology and sustainability working towards a green transition.

With NBAS, Christopher contributes with authoring articles and adapting podcasts to the NBAS website.

The power of our volunteers.

Alexander Solhus (37)

Liaising with industries/sponsors in Norway

The best part about volunteering with NBAS is networking with Norwegian businesses located in the gateway to Asia

Alex went to Singapore in 2019 to do a one-year full-time MBA with a focus on sustainability. He has mostly written articles for the “spotlight” series. It is a series that gives insights into the advantages and possibilities Singapore. What was meant to be a short visit in Norway in Feb 2020 turned out to be indefinite due to the pandemic. Alex still has a heart for Singapore and is promoting the city and NBAS to businesses in Norway.

Marcus Low

Marcus Low (31)

Digital engagement-volunteer, Norway

Born a Singaporean, Marcus is currently living in Norway and has been working there for the past 2 years. With a proficiency in 4 languages and hoping to learn more, Marcus hopes to connect people and the world together. Also, he  seeks to promote cross-cultural relationships, hence his motivation to be a part of NBAS.  With a portfolio as a digital marketer that ranges from content creation to execution, he serves as an advisory and operational volunteer at NBAS, especially within LinkedIn engagement and growth.

The power of our volunteers

Trine Aamodt Johansen (41)

Event management, Singapore

I get to contribute something positive for the Norwegian business community in Singapore at the same time as I have the chance to meet new and exciting people from around the world.

Trine first came to Singapore with her family in 2013 for a period of 4 years and later returned to the Lion city in January 2020 after a couple of years back in Norway. During both periods, Trine has taken an active and vital role in activities and events for the Norwegian community in Singapore. She has been sitting in several event committees like the Norwegian Christmas ball and arrangement of 17th of May celebrations both as committee member and as leader.

During the past year you may have seen Trine at the top of ‘the steepest hill in Singapore,’ as she held the role as host manager at the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission in Singapore. Trine will bring extensive arrangement and event management experience into the NBAS team where you will see her at both smaller, medium, and larger physical/hybrid events, like SNIC, Seafood dinner and One Ocean with the Embassy and Innovation Norway.

The power of our volunteers.

Nicoline Skille (37)

Event management, Singapore

The best part about volunteering with NBAS is meeting new people and learning new things/skills.

Nici left her job in 2021 as a construction forewoman to accompany her husband and his job in Singapore. Life as an expat wife was not her cup of tea so she became the newest volunteer member in NBAS. She replaced sailing and skiing whit the MTB trails in Bukit Timah.

We are always looking for engaged and competent NBAS volunteers! Whether you are based in Norway or in Singapore, contact us at to discuss how you can assist the community. NBAS offers a high-paced environment with learning opportunities at every corner.