The Port of the Future

Snic 2023 Alvin Foo

The Future Port is a key to the green transition of the maritime and offshore sectors.

Explore new business opportunities in the maritime and offshore sectors at SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero!

This year’s SNIC focuses on innovation and the green transition, covering key areas such as funding sustainable initiatives, accessing clean energy for future fuels, digital infrastructure utilization, and carbon capture solutions. The human factor, including talent and training, will also be a key theme throughout the discussions.

The port is a vital hub for logistics, ship traffic, trade, and research, playing a crucial role in supporting operations and resource extraction. Hence the future port is a key to the green transition of the maritime and offshore sectors.

Accordingly, it is highly valuable that PSA International (PSA), a leading global port operator and cargo supply chain partner, will be joining us to discuss the future port at SNIC 2023.PSA operates over 60 deep-sea, rail, and inland terminals across 160 locations in 42 countries, co-creating world-class port ecosystems and innovative cargo solutions for sustainable trade.

Mr. Alvin Foo, the Head of New Technologies & Sustainability at PSA, will share his insights during the conference. With extensive experience and strategic leadership, he envisions the future port, overseeing automation, smart engineering, and green logistics solutions in Singapore.

Mr. Alvin Foo’s vision for “The Future Port” will set the stage for the discussions at SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero.

Join the discussion on financing sustainable projects, exploring new business opportunities, and creating a greener future at SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero!

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