The future in focus – responsible AI use and sustainable 6G: Insights from our Technology Breakfast Briefing


We were thrilled to host the Technology Breakfast Briefing on 30 May on Artificial Intelligence and 6G, in partnership with Telenor Asia.

Here are the key highlights:
NBAS President Leonard O. Stornes and Norwegian Ambassador H.E. Eivind S. Homme kicked off the event with inspiring opening remarks, praising Telenor as a leader in mobile technology and innovation, also excelling in understanding the value of the business community and contributing to its strengthening.

📈 Introduction: Håkon Bruaset Kjøl, Deputy Head of Telenor Asia, provided an insightful introduction to Telenor Asia.

🔍 Key tech trends for 2024 by Jens Patrick Waldemar, Head of Next Generation Networks at Telenor:
1. AI’s rapid growth: Businesses need high-quality data and significant investments to become data-driven.
2. Digital trust: Emphasizing security and privacy by design is a crucial differentiator.
3. Open software platforms: These platforms foster flexibility and innovation but require skilled professionals and a partnership approach.
4. Future of networks: Sustainability will be a core focus of 6G, with an emphasis on energy-efficient systems and AI-optimized software solutions.

💡 AI insights by Ieva Martinkenaite, SVP, Head of Research and Innovation at Telenor:
Generative AI: This cutting-edge technology produces diverse content formats like text and images and is a game-changer.
AI opportunities: Telenor leverages AI in customer operations, marketing and sales, network & IT operations, and product development.
Success pillars: Execution, responsible AI, partnerships, thought leadership, people, and data are crucial for success with AI.
Commitment: Telenor is dedicated to sustainability, inclusion, and security in their AI endeavors.

A big thanks to Telenor Asia for hosting this insightful event with us!