StormGeo takes the stage at SNIC 2023 to showcase expertise in decarbonization and digital tools impact

Snic 2023 Carolyne Wallmark

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our Gold Sponsor, StormGeo, for their invaluable contribution to SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero. Today, Ms. Carolyne Wallmark, Managing Director Singapore at StormGeo, will enlighten us on the potential impact of decarbonization digital tools on achieving zero-emission goals. Below Rolf Reksten, Vice President, Route Advisory Services StormGeo shows how voyage optimization is a crucial tool in decarbonization efforts

For decades, voyage optimization has been a cornerstone of ship routing, primarily focusing on safety. However, recent years have seen a paradigm shift, with a heightened emphasis on fuel efficiency and decarbonization, aligning with the IMO’s ambitious target of a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.

In this article, we delve into how voyage optimization can play a pivotal role in the decarbonization journey for ship owners and operators. The key advantage of adopting a voyage optimization strategy lies in its immediate decarbonization impact, requiring no additional investment. Furthermore, there are few alternatives that deliver such substantial results.

Pre-fixture planning: setting the foundation for efficiency

During the pre-fixture stage, accurate calculations are paramount for establishing profit and loss, specifically the Time Charter Equivalent (TCE). StormGeo provides vessel and season-specific Sea Margins, factoring in weather, sea, and current conditions, enabling precise fuel consumption estimates and environmental considerations.

Continuous optimization at sea

As the voyage progresses, StormGeo’s web-based applications ensure real-time monitoring of vessel emissions. The optimal route is dynamically updated based on the latest weather forecasts, often leading to fuel and time savings. Striking the right balance between distance, time, and consumption is essential for enhancing vessel and voyage efficiency.

Strategic power routing: A game-changer

StormGeo introduces Strategic Power Routing, a revolutionary approach to maintaining constant power delivery, thus stabilizing fuel consumption. By providing daily RPM advice tailored to prevailing weather and current conditions, this innovation significantly contributes to reducing fuel consumption, potentially achieving a 3-5% fuel saving.

Optimal bunkering planning for sustainability

Effective bunkering planning is pivotal in minimizing deviations and securing the best bunker prices. StormGeo offers this service to streamline operations and enhance decarbonization efforts.

Balancing decarbonization with commercial optimization

To maximize the commercial potential of a voyage, choosing the correct speed and consumption combination is crucial. Depending on market conditions, opting for slower speeds with lower fuel consumption can lead to reduced CO2 emissions without compromising profitability.

Efficient port arrival management

Managing arrival time at the port to tender a Notice of Readiness (NOR) is essential. StormGeo’s optimization tools facilitate quick decision-making on vessel speed and consumption for revised RTAs, minimizing the carbon footprint and aiding in decarbonization efforts.

In summary, voyage optimization stands as an immediate and impactful tool in the pursuit of decarbonization. By continuously fine-tuning routes, optimizing vessel operations, and ensuring effective bunkering, voyage optimization offers unparalleled savings compared to individual vessel retrofits.

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