SNIC 2023 Innovation awards

Snic 2023 Innovation Award


Singapore Norway Innovation Conference (SNIC) 2023 will feature its first ever Innovation Awards, given to the to the best of maritime companies that are producing innovations that can help to improve maritime operational efficiency and driving the maritime decarbonisation push.

We welcome start-ups, SMEs to large corporations in the maritime and offshore as well as affiliated industries to nominate themselves or their suppliers/customers/partners .

3 awards will be given out

Most Innovative Maritime Technology Award  

Awarded to the company that showed the most innovation in their solutions or products

Product or Solution must be commercial ready and implementable (TR level 8 and above)

Proven to make an impact to the maritime industry, either through improving operational efficiency, sustainability or decarbonisation

Best Adopter of Technology Award

Awarded to companies that have adopted technology or solution and have shown positive impact to their operations, either through improving operational efficiency, sustainability or decarbonisation

Most Promising Maritime Technology Award 

Awarded to technology or solution that are promising but still in pilot stage and not commercially ready (TR level 5-7)

Product or Solution must have a strong potential to be commercially viable and implementable

Proven to have a future impact to the maritime industry, either through improving operational efficiency, sustainability or decarbonisation


  • Norwegian companies /NBAS-members based in Singapore.
  • Norwegian companies not based in Singapore but has plans to be present in Singapore.
  • Singapore companies (nominated through out partners Enterprise Singapore and Association of Singapore Marine Industries).

Selection Process

  • The categories will be announced 28 April during Singapore Maritime Week event – Innovate to Zero: digitalization advancing decarbonization of maritime trade
  • Nominations will be shortlisted by a committee from NBAS and Innovation Norway.
  • Shortlisted nominations will be selected by an expert jury panel.
  • Winners will be notified by NBAS prior to the event by 10 September 2023.


  • Plaques will be given to the winners of the awards.
  • Prize presented during Singapore Innovation Norway Award on 29 September 2023.
  • Feature in NBAS’s newsletter, events and social media channels.
  • Free annual membership at Innovation Norway Techlab.

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