SNIC 2022 Supports The Mission To Seafarers

Snic 2022 Supports The Mission To Seafarers

We are happy to announce the partnership with Mission to Seafarers in Singapore for SNIC 2022. You are welcome to donate to this great cause.

Esben Poulsson And Susan Koh In Misstion To Seafarers

On the photo vice chairman Esben Poulsson in Mission to Seafarers, Admin Susan Koh in Misstion to Seafarers in Singapre, NBAS President Leonard Stornes and Port Chaplain in mission to Seafarers Singapore Soon Kok.

MtSS is a Singapore-based charity organisation that relies heavily on donation and volunteer work. MtSS conducts fundraising, or partners with different organisation to secure financial support to run its projects. One direct effect of fundraising, apart from raising cash, is building awareness on the importance of seafarers in our lives.

MtSS helps seafarers who have reached the Singapore shores, regardless of gender, race and ethnicity. Their chaplain and project staff offer help to seafarers and their families with practical and welfare-related support in times of need.

Susan and Soon will also be present at SNIC 2022, so you can learn more about their mission and work, and make a donation.

Read more on their website here: