Only 3 weeks left for the top industry conference on Net Zero!

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In the sea of global conferences focusing on maritime and offshore decarbonization, we dare claim that we’ve crafted the best and most knowledge-driven, industry-based innovation conference, and we are eager to prove it to you!

We’ve gathered an impressive roster of experts to delve into the most critical questions regarding reaching NetZero in the maritime and offshore sector. Our exceptional team of moderators and a dynamic EMCEE duo will ensure engaging discussions.

All about innovation and business

At its core, this conference is all about innovation and its relationship with business. We’ll explore innovations currently shaping the industry, innovations in the pipeline, and also how SNIC can pave the way for new business opportunities. Because sustainable practices should translate to good business.

This summer, IMO adopted more stringent decarbonization goals, prompting the industry to set even higher standards. Achieving these goals is an enormous undertaking, as Yngve Slyngstad pointed out, dubbing the NetZero objective as the most significant investment challenge, the greatest innovation challenge, and indeed the most formidable hurdle for the maritime and offshore sector.

Building on the success of last year’s SNIC, aptly titled ‘A call to action for maritime decarbonization in the maritime and offshore sector,’ this year’s ‘Innovate to Zero’ conference continues to enrich our knowledge base.

The Clean Energy segment, led by Ingrid Schjølberg from NTNU, will spotlight the status, timelines, initiatives, and innovations required to ensure an ample supply of clean energy, a fundamental prerequisite for achieving NetZero. We’ve gathered industry luminaries, including Erik Strømsø (BW Group), Dr. Alf Kåre Aadnanes (ABB), Richard Harvey (Siemens Energy), Ingunn Svegården (Equinor), Arne Fredheim (SINTEF Ocean), and Cristina Saenz de Santa Maria (DNV), to share their insights.

Our program kicks off with Mr. Leonard Stornes, President of NBAS, and Norway’s Ambassador to Singapore, H.E Eivind S. Homme.

Following this opening session, we’ll host an executive debate featuring CE MPA Eng Dih Teo, CEO Geir Håøy of Kongsberg, and CEO Chris Ong of Seatrium, moderated by Ms. Beng Tee Tan, Executive Director of SMF. This discussion will delve into what these industry leaders deem crucial for achieving the net zero goal, identifying necessary innovations, and spotlighting business opportunities.

Keynotes on talent, state of decarbonization,  and ports of the future

To provide context for today’s discussions, we’ll address the current state of maritime decarbonization in the keynote by Seng Chiy Goh, Principal at Boston Consulting Group. Drawing from a comprehensive study in collaboration with the Global Center for Maritime Decarbonization, he’ll provide invaluable insights.

Recognizing the human factor’s pivotal role, Anne Borg, President of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, will discuss talent, recruitment, and training in her keynote.

The sustainable port of the future is key to the green transition in the maritime and offshore sectors. Mr. Alvin Foo, Head of New Technologies & Sustainability at PSA, will explore effective innovations, initiatives in the pipeline, and necessary steps to achieve the NetZero goal, also shedding light on new business opportunities.

Expertise on digital infrastrucuture, data analysis and clean energy

Following a rejuvenating coffee break, our program shifts focus to digital infrastructure and data analysis. Dr. Lee Hui Mien (Singtel Group) will lead the discussion on innovations in expanding and enhancing digital infrastructure/connectivity within maritime and offshore sectors. Our panel of experts, including Carolyne Wallmark (Storm Geo), Sindre Bornstein (VPS), Ka-Mun Lam (Cognite), and Giampiero Soncini (Oceanly SR), will highlight the potential of data analysis for improved decision-making, cost savings, and sustainability.

Moving forward, we’ll tackle the Clean Energy theme, with Ingrid Schjølberg at the helm. Her impressive background includes leading the Norwegian government’s Maritime 21 strategy, NTNU’s ocean initiative, and involvement in the IEA program for implementing hydrogen in the maritime sector.

Join us for a deeper understanding of the status, timelines, initiatives, and innovations needed to ensure a sufficient supply of clean energy – a crucial component for reaching net zero.

CCS: Great potential, but too ineffective and costly?

After a fulfilling lunch, we’ll explore Carbon Capture and Storage Solutions, acknowledging their essential role in achieving global greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Both the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the International Energy Agency (IEA) emphasize the need for CCS to align with the Paris Agreement’s climate targets at the lowest possible cost. We’ll explore exciting innovations and projects within CCS, including Stella Maris (Johanne Koll Hansen Bø, Altera) and Remarcable (Dr. Sanjay Kuttan, GCMD), led by Wikborg Reins Ina Lutchmiah.

In our final major segment, we’ll discuss innovative strategies to fund the green shift, featuring contributors such as Jan Ole Huseby (DNB), Laurence Odfjell (Odfjell SE), and Yngve Slyngstad (Industry Capital Partners). This segment will be moderated by the seasoned Iven Opsahl Jebsen (Kongsberg).

What’s next (after the champagne)?
As we near the end, Arne Kjetil Lian (Innovation Norway) will challenge Yngve Slyngstad and Seng Chiy Goh to provide us with a status update on NetZero – the most significant investment challenge and the greatest innovation challenge/opportunity for the maritime and offshore sector. We’ll explore new insights gained, next steps in decarbonizing these industries, and business opportunities.

Finally, we’ll hand over the floor to Håkon Ellekjær, Head of Venture at Wilhelmsen Group. They’re launching a joint venture with Thyssenkrupp in the field of additive manufacturing/3D printing, and to celebrate, they’re hosting a complementary cocktail party in the foyer for all SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero attendees. But first, Håkon will provide an overview of how 3D printing innovation contributes to the NetZero goal.

So, join us for a day of insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and innovation and business that drive us closer to achieving NetZero. Secure your seat today!

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