Norwegian companies in Singapore needs 2000 travel passes

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According to a recent poll, conducted by the Norwegian Business Association Singapore in accord with EuroCham, Norwegian companies in Singapore need 2000 travel passes to secure a smooth continuity of their business.

Singapore is considering measures for reopening the economy in the wake of COVID-19.
Unanimous feedback shows that the ability to travel is the single most important measure for companies in Singapore to run their businesses well. Accordingly, The European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) is advocating the need for travel passes to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Alongside their efforts, NBAS conducted a survey amongst our members, and the survey shows that several companies need merely one travel pass for their business. However, the highest number of travel passes needed for senior level management and technicians in one company, is 48. On average, Norwegian companies need 10 travel passes to run their business effectively. In total, the survey shows that Norwegian companies in Singapore needs 2000 travel passes.

NBAS has passed on the results of the survey in order to give EuroCham a foundation for their dialogue with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. We will update on the further process.

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