Norway launches green maritime export campaign in Singapore and Southeast Asia

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In an ambitious move to champion sustainable maritime solutions, Norway has announced the initiation of a multi-year green maritime export program targeting Singapore and the broader Southeast Asian region.The Singapore Green Maritime High Potential Opportunities (HPO) program, spearheaded by Innovation Norway and supported by Team Norway in Singapore, is designed to assist Norwegian companies in securing contracts exceeding 500 million kroner in export opportunities within green maritime technologies in the region.

Strategic partnership for a greener future

Norway and Singapore, both leading global maritime hubs, have a long history of collaboration as maritime innovation partners and have common challenge in the pressing need to decarbonise the shipping industry. “This HPO program zeroes in on two critical components of the Maritime Singapore Decarbonization Blueprint 2050 – the decarbonisation of domestic harbour crafts, and the development of future marine fuels, including hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and biofuels,” explains Arne-Kjetil Lian, Director of Innovation Norway in Singapore.

Electrifying domestic harbour craft

With over 1,600 diesel-powered vessels operating within its waters, Singapore’s ambition for harbour craft and pleasure craft sectors to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and to have all new harbour crafts to be fully electric, capable of using pure biodiesel, or be compatible with net-zero fuels such as hydrogen by 2030 represents significant opportunities for Norwegian companies with the relevant technologies and solutions.

Waiver of port dues for low and zero carbon fuelled harbor crafts and other government incentives aims to accelerate this transition, creating a ripe market for Norway’s proven solutions in electric mobility for harbour and ferry services.

Pioneering future marine fuels

The campaign also focuses on contributing to a sustainable supply chain for alternative marine fuels. Norway’s expertise in ammonia and hydrogen technologies positions it as a key player in building the infrastructure required for the next generation of marine fuels, including bunkering technologies as well as handling, safety, and storage solutions.

Singapore is currently the world’s largest bunkering port and its transition to alternative marine fuels offers new business opportunities for Norwegian companies.

Strong support for Norwegian enterprises

The High Potential Opportunities (HPO) program provides Norwegian businesses with a comprehensive support package, covering everything from market advisory, strategic positioning at key events, project identification, looking for local partnerships to sourcing for funding and financing.

Participants will get the support to engage with local stakeholders, government bodies, and profiling at industry events, while also benefiting from marketing and networking opportunities facilitated by Innovation Norway and the broader Team Norway network. The Norwegian Business Association Singapore, with its more than 120 member companies, warmly welcomes the HPO announcement and opens the doors to its business community in Singapore. “This will enrich the business community to the benefit of us all,” says NBAS President, Leonard Stornes.

Norwegian companies welcome to join

The HPO program is managed by project lead Daniel Seow, Senior Market Advisor at Innovation Norway Singapore, and Arne-Kjetil Lian, Head of Innovation Norway’s Singapore office and will also involve the regional Innovation Norway offices as well as its Green Maritime business development team.

Their combined expertise in maritime internationalization and business cooperation between Singapore and Norway offers invaluable insights and leadership to participating companies.

Starting with Singapore, the initiative has eyes set on expanding to Malaysia and Indonesia, tapping into the vast potential of Southeast Asia’s maritime sector.

“The HPO program operates through a collaborative private-public partnership model. We encourage Norwegian companies, whether already established in Singapore or considering entry into the green maritime sector in this region, to engage with us regarding the HPO program.” says project lead Daniel Seow

Photo credit: Brand Norway