Kongsberg takes lead on offshore wind

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NBAS, Innovation Norway and Norwegian Energy Partners are hosting a special insights panel on Offshore Wind 24 February. Featuring experts from the industry, we will address the topic of energy transitions and offshore wind. Kongsberg is our silver sponsor for the event. Sign up here.

Kongsberg takes lead on offshore wind

The NBAS-member, established in Singapore since 1987, takes on a leading role within both Bottom Fixed and Floating offshore wind. 

Kongsberg Maritime, a subsidiary of the Kongsberg Group, is a global marine systems provider and a longstanding member of the Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS). Kongsberg Maritime offers products and solutions that are suitable for offshore energies, merchant marine, sub-sea, navy, coastal marine, aquaculture, training and simulation services and more. The regional headquarter is in Singapore and it has physical presence in major maritime hubs in the wider Asia Pacific-region. 

Fuels energy transition

The company focuses on energy transition and provides technology for all phases of the lifecycles of offshore wind farms. 

Arshi Pathan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says that Kongsberg works with established players in the wind energy sector. ‘We also provide insights to traditional offshore businesses, such as drilling companies, shipyards, and offshore support services providers to help them pivot successfully to offshore-wind.”

Entire lifecycle

Kongsberg’s technologies for wind turbine installation and operation are backed by 50 years of experience in enabling safe and efficient offshore energy operations in harsh environments. 

Kongsberg is now playing an important role enabling technologies for both offshore wind-turbines and the vessels that make them possible.  “We have the experience and product portfolio to provide technology packages for every phase of an offshore wind farm’s entire lifecycle. This covers pre-survey, installation, operations and maintenance and secure decommissioning” states Arshi. 

Competence foundation

The Norwegian company also provides the competence foundation needed for wind farms at the early stage of development. “Our hydro acoustic solutions provide the data that the very foundations of a wind farm are built upon, including seabed geography, obstructions, hazards and sediments as well as water depths and currents” says Arshi. 

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Arshi Pathan
Vice president, sales and marketing

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