How 100+ vessels saved 10,000 tons of CO2 in two months

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We welcome Sindre Bornstein from VPS Decarbonization to SNIC – 2023 Innovate to Zero 29 September. At SNIC, he will share insights into the value of collective action and digital solutions in reducing emissions.

Bornstein’s contribution will shed light on how over 100 vessels united managed to save an impressive 10,000 tons of CO2 in just two months, thanks to VPS’ innovative Maress software.

Bornstein will participate in the digital infrastructure/data analysis segment of SNIC 2023. Specifically, his focus lies in highlighting the significance of collaboration and collective action in driving change within the maritime industry, making use of the power of digital solutions

He will present the case on how 100+ vessels came together to save 10k tons of CO2 in two months. Within this campaign, 133 vessels, owned by eight leading offshore companies, actively joined forces. Impressively, 10,000 tons of CO2 were saved over just two months, representing a 5.7% reduction in emissions across all vessels involved.

Crucial crew members

Bornstein emphasizes this campaign’s role in showcasing concrete results achievable through new approaches to cooperation and organization within the industry.

He also highlights the crucial role of the crew members aboard vessels, stating that meaningful change can only occur when they are actively involved and equipped with the right tools and insights. Providing the right people with the right knowledge can lead to significant savings in both emissions and costs.

Data-driven decarbonization solution

The success of this campaign owes much to Maress, a data-driven decarbonization solution developed by VPS.  Maress collects data from each vessel and combines it with other relevant sources. This process offers precise insights into a vessel’s operational efficiency compared to its historical baseline. Both onboard and onshore personnel use Maress to make informed decisions that result in fuel and emissions savings. It also encourages cross-learning, enabling efficient crews to share best practices with others in the same fleet.

Sindre Bornstein is excited about future initiatives. Furthermore, he emphasizes the need for more collaboration on an industry-wide scale to meet emission targets.

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About VPS:

VPS is a world-leading maritime decarbonization advisory and services company, dedicated to innovation and sustainability. VPS assists maritime companies in identifying pathways toward more sustainable operations by providing insights, digital tools, and advice throughout the marine fuels and emissions value chain. With over 40 years of experience, VPS is a pioneer in the marine fuel testing industry and holds a prominent position as the market leader. VPS’ data-driven decarbonization solution, Maress, combines vessel data with other relevant datasets to provide insights on reducing fuel and emissions.