Featured artist of the month – Eric Zhang

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NBAS is collaborating with upcoming artists in Singapore and Norway to showcase their work, while we get a creative take on our graphic profile. In January 2021, NBAS will be featuring Eric Zhang.

Eric has given us the rights to use his artwork in our communication material.

Eric, born in China, educated in Singapore, graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a double master degree in international relations. Now working as a professional consultant in an Edutech startup. He is also an amateur photographer, self-taught with a sincere passion for all things photographic, beautiful light, fresh food, sincere people, and beautiful spaces. He has been travelling to 25+ countries and all of his inspiration come from his travelling. His photograph portfolio is an exploration of this beautiful planet, representing his perspective about the world, people, and other things e.g. Angkor Wat of Cambodia in spring, Bangkok of Thailand in summer, Sahara Desert of Morocco in autumn, Hokkaido of Japan in winter, etc. Not only that, but he is also a verified photographer for VOUGE, although he is still a novice in the field of fashion photography. The interest in portrait photography originated from photographing his own friends, and after getting familiar with it, it also complemented each other when applied to humanistic photography. Photography is not only a hobby for him but also a way of recording. He doesn’t like to emphasize the use of technical means. He prefers a natural form of expression. And he will use photography to constantly explore the most primitive and essential beauty of this world.
Eric's Portfolio