Featured Artist: Lars Gangdal

Nbas Featured Artist Lars Gangdal

NBAS is collaborating with upcoming artists in Singapore and Norway to highlight their work, while we get a creative take on our graphic profile. We are pleased to announce that we will be featuring the Norwegian artist Lars Gangdal! 

Lars Gangdal is a young artist from Hamar, Norway, based and working in Oslo. Gangdal’s art is characterized by a great curiosity for both motives and materials. His abstraction ranges from the pronounced minimalistic to the more maximalistic. In everything he does, one can still see traces of where he comes from, a small town by Mjøsa with lush nature and serious winters. His paintings often draw inspiration from nature as well as the urban environments of the city. 


He has exhibited at KÖSK “Off The Wall” and the group exhibition “Family Gathering”, as well as a number of private events. In late 2022, he interpreted “The Art of Looking Forward”, a project in collaboration with Peugeot.