Equinor is determined to be a global offshore wind energy major. Here’s how.

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Offshore wind

The next decisive phase in the global transition to low carbon and renewable energy is happening now, with offshore wind at the centre of the revolution. For the green shift to succeed, what’s needed is sheer scale: industrial and financial strength, and production capacity at a global level.

That’s where Equinor comes in. With five decades of ocean engineering and project management expertise, focus on safe and efficient operations, in depth knowledge of the energy markets, skilled personnel and a network of competent partners and suppliers, Equinor is uniquely positioned to take a leading role in this burgeoning industry.

In 2026, Equinor expects a production capacity from renewable projects of 4 to 6 GW, Equinor share, mainly based on the current project portfolio. This is around 10 times higher than today’s capacity, implying an annual average growth rate of more than 30%. Towards 2035, Equinor expects to increase installed renewables capacity further to 12 to 16 GW, dependent on availability of attractive project opportunities. .

The future is afloat

Freeing wind power from the constraints of bottom-fixed designs opens a world of new markets and opportunities. Floating turbines can be placed almost anywhere where the water is deep enough, harnessing the best wind resources and reducing conflicts with other ocean users.

Close to 80% of the world’s offshore wind resource potential is waters deeper than 60 metres and removing water depth constraints allows us to select the best sites in the world. Winds are stronger and more consistent further out to sea, and the floating offshore wind market is projected to grow significantly over the next decade.

Equinor is the world’s leading floating offshore wind developer, with floating wind turbines already deployed and in production, and several exciting projects on the drawing board.

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Clare Heuer (1)

Clare Heuer, Regional Director, Business Development for New Energy Solutions at Equinor

Clare engages and builds key relationships with governmental stakeholders, energy companies and other industry players to originate and mature material and profitable BD opportunities in the emerging Asian markets to drive market entry processes on offshore wind, onshore wind, solar, hydrogen and storage.

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