Digital infrastructure: Telenor Asia embraces 5G for maritime and offshore innovations

Snic 2023 Jørgen Rostrup

Telenor Asia sees 5G as the industrial internet and is excited about how it will help the maritime and offshore marine sectors adopt innovative solutions.

Hence, we are excited to announce Head of Telenor Asia and Executive Vice President, Telenor Group, Jørgen Rostrup,  as a contributor at the SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero!

Rostrup will speak on digital infrastructure, specifically how it can spur innovation and enable better digital lives and economies.

Innovation is in our nature, in every corner of our company.

Developing and leveraging digital connectivity and technology for ships and offshore institutions is crucial. Poor connection and ineffective communication with onshore offices make solving problems and tasks more challenging for the company’s operations. A robust digital infrastructure is also the backbone of all innovation.

As Asia rapidly transforms with exponential data usage growth, billions of connected devices, and the rise of new technologies such as 5G and AI, Telenor Asia aims to use new levers such as mergers, delayering, and partnerships – to rewrite the value creation formula of the telecommunications sector, and the role they play as the backbone of digital infrastructure.

We warmly welcome Mr. Rostrup and Telenor as contributors to SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero!

In addition to his roles in Telenor, Mr. Rostrup has held board positions within technology, oil & gas, investment banking, and telecom. He will contribute to identifying new business opportunities and the progress in decarbonizing the maritime and offshore sectors!

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