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Cyviz is hosting the special insights panel Offshore Wind 24 February. Featuring a number of experts from the field, we will discuss the business opportunities for offshore wind in South East Asia. Sign up for the event here. 

NBAS-member Cyviz has worked with the energy and renewables sector for more than 20 years delivering dynamic and future-proof operations- and collaboration technology.

The demanding environments and applications within the energy sector have influenced the development of Cyviz’ solutions for control rooms, collaboration and visualization technology.

“Combining data visualization and resources with advanced collaboration scenarios has made Cyviz the preferred partner of demanding customers around the world”, says Anand Anupam, Executive Vice President for Global Sales.

Dynamic Control Room By Cyviz

Dynamic control rooms  

Anupam says the Cyviz’ dynamic control room solutions fulfill the energy sector’s modern operations requirements. “The offshore resources bring more dimensions and challenges into the production and operations process. With Cyviz’ collaboration technology, the workflows and processes can be digitalized and designed to utilize resources more effectively “he says. “Today’s power production or monitoring requires technology to adapt to new scenarios and connect resources on demand. The nature of a modern operations center has changed over time and will continue to evolve, adding new applications and processes.   

Collaboration brings competitive advantage 

Previously, in the legacy control room, video collaboration wasn’t a theme. Today, it is a reality. The seamless and secure integration of unified communications, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others encourage new and more agile ways of working. Anupam says the visual representation of data and resources is another critical aspect of a Cyviz solution, allowing teams and resources to engage in real-time, across sites and teams, solve complex problems and make informed decisions. 

24/7 operations 

Anupam says the company has developed the Cyviz Easy Platform developed to support the most demanding organizations with the highest security requirements. The 24/7 nature of energy production needs effective monitoring and management capabilities to ensure the availability of systems at all times. The control room will be effectively supported through remote monitoring and support capabilities built into the Cyviz platform” explains Anand who emphasis that ultimately, reliability and predictability will be imperative for operators and teams in their everyday work. 

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