CII framework is not perfect, says Swire Shipping’s Head of Fleet Efficiency

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NBAS is pleased to include Mr. Nishant Dhyani, the Head of Fleet Efficiency at Swire Shipping and Swire Bulk, as a speaker at our upcoming in-person event on IMO rules towards green shipping on 1 March.

In his keynote speech titled “Everything you need to know about the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII),” Mr. Dhyani will discuss the CII framework, which is used to measure a ship’s carbon emissions per transport.

“Numerous shipping professionals have expressed their dissatisfaction with how CII is determined,” says Mr. Dhyani. “I acknowledge that the rules as they are today might not be the best alternative. Yet, I also think that it is an excellent place to start. As we work to create a decarbonized society, let’s all fill in the gaps and make meaningful contributions.”

Mr. Dhyani, a maritime engineer with over 20 years of shipping expertise, adds that effective energy management will take center stage in future years, regardless of the pollution regulations being implemented, such as CII, the EU ETS, or market-based measures from the IMO.

“It is crucial that all shipping companies embark on this road as soon as possible,” he says. “The outcome will completely change the game.”

Other top-quality speakers at the event include Mr. Sveinung Oftedal from IMO, Ms. Catrine Vestereng, the Vice President and Global Segment Director for Tankers in DNV, and Mr. Laurence Odfjell, the Chair of Odfjell SE, a major player in seaborne transportation and storage of chemicals.

NBAS, The Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway host the event together, and Singapore Shipping Organization is a supporting organization.

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