Beauty entrepreneur Linda Jørgensen: My Singaporean love story

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In the vibrant streets of Singapore, Linda Jørgensen’s recent arrival is more than just business – it’s a heartfelt return to a city that holds a special place in her heart. Recently featured in Expat Living, the founder of Nordic Formula, a Norwegian beauty entrepreneur, cherishes her deep connection with Singapore, nurtured both personally and through the supportive business community. “This city is where my life took an exciting turn 24 years ago when my husband proposed,” Linda reflects. “And it’s where the business community has always made me feel at home.”

Building a beauty empire

Linda’s journey in the beauty industry is a testament to her steadfast determination. Linda built the first chain of Skincare clinics in Norway, “Face It” that she later sold to Celina Midelfart. Today, she runs a well-established, exclusive and renowned beauty clinic known for an elite clientele. “It all started with creating something meaningful from scratch,” Linda recalls. Her persistence and vision led to the creation of Nordic Formula, a brand that exemplifies her dedication and hard work.

Embedded in this journey is Linda’s lifelong passion for skincare, inspired by her mother. “My mother’s skincare approach inspired me,” she shares, leading to the development of Nordic Formula, a brand that emphasizes holistic skin health. Linda harbors grand global ambitions for her product and health message. In addition to Singapore, she recently secured a distribution deal with Goldian Group for Singapore and Malaysia, marking a significant step in Nordic Formula’s expansion.

Adapting to new cultures and business expansion

Venturing into Asia with Nordic Formula, Linda encountered a multitude of challenges. She embraced these, learning to adapt to the business practices of Singapore and Southeast Asia. “Adapting to new environments is essential for growth,” she notes. Challenges ranged from understanding local laws to building partnerships and grasping cultural nuances. “Each challenge was a chance to grow and become more resilient,” she asserts, emphasizing that understanding the diverse cultures of Southeast Asia is key to successful business operations.

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A helping hand from the community

The Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS) played a crucial role in tackling these challenges. This network provided Linda with essential support, helping her understand the market and establish important connections. “The NBAS community has been instrumental in my Singapore adventure,” she gratefully acknowledges, mentioning key supportive figures like Rigmor in Snefokk, Will in Cocoon Capital, Yngvar at Capella, Torgeir in Simonsen Vogt Wiig, Janne in Mojo, and Tuva, Trine and Nora in NBAS – among many others in the NBAS community.

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A week of high-profile events

This week, Linda is engaged in several high-profile events in Singapore. From a press meet at Capella to a collaboration with Mojo Yoga on Friday, and an event at Cecilia Westberry Beauty Spa on Sunday, these activities are key in showcasing Nordic Formula and strengthening her connections in the local beauty community. The launch of the Northern Light Signature Facial at Auriga Spa (Capella) and interactions with influencers and the media add to the events’ significance. The Sunday event at Cecilia Westberry Beauty Spa is also open to NBAS members, who can reach out here to for participation. (Sunday January 21st,  2.30 – 5.00 pm)

Follow the Nordic Formula Journey

Linda invites the NBAS community and others to be part of Nordic Formula’s journey. “Join us, and be part of a movement that values holistic skincare and wellness,” she encourages. “It’s a chance to join a community reshaping beauty standards.”

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