Batteries Bridging the Energy Gap

Snic 2023 Erik Strømsø (1)

We welcome BW Group as a Gold sponsor of SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero!

With its mission of “Delivering energy for the world today and finding solutions for tomorrow,” BW Group is a leading maritime group with a growing portfolio of sustainable energy investments. Their portfolio includes investments in offshore wind, solar development, biogas, and battery energy storage systems.

Norwegian Erik Strømsø, the Managing Director at BW Renewables and BW Energy Storage Systems and a member of the BW Group Executive Committee, is at the forefront of these developments. We proudly announce that Mr. Strømsø will speak at SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero on 29 September in Singapore.

One of the pressing questions we aim to address at SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero is “How to provide the energy transition with clean power.” In the latest edition of BW Group’s World Horizon magazine, Mr. Strømsø explains how grid-scale battery storage plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between renewable energy generation and demand. “Traditional power plants are predictable, unlike solar or wind, which rely on the weather. However, a battery can maintain grid stability.  As renewables become an ever-greater part of the energy mix, a massive increase in battery capacity will be needed – more than ten times the current figure by 2030.”

During SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero, Mr. Strømsø will discuss BW Group’s approach to clean energy infrastructure investments and its cleantech investments in companies such as Corvus, the world’s leading provider of batteries for the maritime space.

Talent and culture are recurring themes at SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero. In World Horizon, Mr. Strømsø highlights how BW Group fosters a strong culture through active investments and support, providing resources, expertise, and access to their network. They aim to find like-minded individuals and businesses that share BW Group’s values.

Mr. Strømsø affirms that BW Group is committed to funding the green transition: “Our capital can make a big difference in selected strategic segments, and we are actively working to find new investments and develop new partnerships globally.”

Secure your ticket to SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero today. A big thank you to BW Group for their support!

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