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Operating in the Nordics and Asia, Telenor has connected people and businesses to what matters most for more than 160 years. Today, leveraging next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT), they provide smart, sustainable business solutions, which empower customers and companies to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and optimise energy use.

Research from industry body, the GSMA, highlights the role of the mobile sector and digital technologies in helping other sectors to address the climate challenge. We spoke to Telenor about how digital initiatives and solutions can make a green shift possible.

Reaching new ways to safeguard our planet with 5G and IoT

Telenor deploys IoT, AI and connectivity to provide smarter business solutions and reach a wide range of new possibilities. IoT enables communication between products and people in large networks, while AI allows for optimisation, personalisation and automatisation based on collected data. Combined, this empowers businesses to monitor their infrastructure, synchronise their resource needs, and make their data available and usable.

Moving forward, 5G will be the backbone of many of these smart solutions. While consumers will benefit from the technology, the biggest changes are felt by businesses, who can leverage ultra-fast and ultra-reliable connectivity for their operations.

In logistics, for example, 5G can enable highly efficient platooning of trucks. This type of solution reduces fuel costs, emissions, and makes transportation faster. Telenor Connexion, the specialised IoT company within the Telenor Group, has worked to connect Scania’s truck fleets across the world. This real-time vehicle information has helped fleet owners reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent.

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Business solutions in the smart, green shift

Our physical environment can be made smarter, more efficient and more sustainable by getting connected. As a leading provider of connectivity services, Telenor plays a central role in facilitating the cities and societies of tomorrow. They provide smart technology for a number of different purposes, including buildings, agriculture, transportation, energy and manufacturing.

For example, the Smart Farming System developed by Telenor’s Thai operator, dtac, and partners in Thailand uses IoT to monitor crops, lower costs and increase yield. This is important as irrigated agriculture remains the largest user of water globally, with around 70% of the consumption worldwide. Smart systems, on the other hand, will allow for more targeted water and resource usage for farmers across Asia.

Linked to its own operations, Telenor is also piloting a ‘Green Radio’ solution. The system uses data analytics and AI to enable mobile networks to be more efficient – adapting capacity closer to mobile usage throughout the day. The pilot reduced energy consumption by 2.5%, which again reduces green-house gas emissions.

Technology is at the heart of new solutions that make a green shift possible. At Telenor, we see that connectivity and the use of data triggers innovation, spawns new knowledge creation, broadens skills, and enables new ways of operating across all industries.

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