Member Spotlight: Omega 365 – Delivering Integrated Solutions for Human Capital and Digital Transformation


Welcome to the NBAS ‘Member Spotlight’ series, where we highlight the dynamic companies and inspiring leaders within our community. We are delighted to feature Omega 365, a cutting-edge provider of project management and IT solutions that embodies the values of integrity, innovation, customer focus, and sustainability. As a valued member of NBAS, Omega 365 has leveraged our network to expand its reach, gain industry insights, and drive growth. Let’s explore their journey and learn more about what sets them apart.

1. Introduction: 

Can you provide an overview of Omega 365 and its core values?

Omega 365 is a leading provider of project management and IT solutions, committed to delivering innovative and reliable services to our clients. Our core values include integrity, innovation, customer focus, and sustainability. We strive to uphold the highest ethical standards, continually develop cutting-edge solutions, prioritize client satisfaction, and promote sustainable practices in all aspects of our business.

2. Business Insights:

What motivated your company to become a member of the Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS)?

We were motivated to join the Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS) to expand our network, gain industry insights, and enhance our presence within the international business community in Singapore.

Could you share some specific benefits or opportunities that your company has experienced by being part of NBAS? Additionally, do you have a favorite event or initiative organized by NBAS?

Being part of NBAS has expanded our professional network, provided valuable industry insights, and enhanced our brand visibility. Our favourite events are the annual SNIC and networking events, which align with our commitment to sustainable business practices.

3. Challenges and Solutions:

Within your industry, what are the current challenges, and how is your company addressing them?

  • Challenge 1: Market and Price Volatility Affecting Demand and Margins
    Mitigation: Diversify our product portfolio within the oil & gas sector and expand into adjacent industries such as renewables, healthcare, and civil construction. This strategy helps stabilize revenue streams and reduce dependency on a single market segment.
  • Challenge 2: Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Local Technology Talent
    Mitigation: Implement a robust talent acquisition strategy that includes employee referral programs, competitive compensation packages, professional development opportunities, and the appeal of travel and international exposure to attract top talent.

Can you discuss any strategic initiatives or innovations your company has implemented to maintain competitiveness in the market?

Our company provides a distinctive blend of software products and services, alongside consultancy and staffing solutions. These offerings help businesses address project challenges related to human capital and digital transformation.

4. Networking and Collaborations:

How has your company benefited from networking within NBAS, and are there any notable collaborations or partnerships that you have formed?

Being part of the Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS) has significantly benefited our company through valuable networking opportunities and industry insights. We’ve enhanced our business connections, accessed expert knowledge, and increased our brand visibility within the international business community.

Are there specific collaborative projects or initiatives your company is engaged in through the association that you’d like to highlight?

At the moment, we are not engaged in any specific collaborative projects or initiatives through the Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS). However, we continue to actively participate in NBAS events and remain open to future opportunities for collaboration.

5. 2024 Plans:

What are the key business goals and objectives your company aims to achieve in the year ahead?

Our key business goals for the year ahead include increasing revenue growth, improving customer retention, optimizing operational efficiency, launching new products, and enhancing employee development and satisfaction.

Are there any noteworthy projects, events, or initiatives that your company is planning to undertake, and how will it leverage the resources and opportunities provided by the association?

Not in 2024, but we are considering participating/hosting conferences in upcoming years to market our new product – Omega 365.

6. Advice and Learning:

From a corporate perspective, what advice would your company give to fellow members looking to maximize their involvement in the association?

Keep a look out on the event calendar and join the interesting activities planned by the association and keep an open mind attending the events and to network more.

Have there been any significant corporate learnings or insights gained through the association membership that your company would like to share with others?

Our learning comes via these events, where it provides a wealth of interesting ideas, concepts, news, and learning opportunities. Also, through networking, we can share knowledge and stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, political developments, sustainability initiatives, and more. This valuable information can enhance our daily operations, improve our products, and positively impact our daily lives.

7. Fun Facts:

Is there an interesting or unique aspect about your company that you would like to share with the community?

We selected our current office location primarily because it is in the same building as NBAS!