Building a Global Startup Factory

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Read NBAS’ board member Magnus Grimeland and Antler’s compelling story in this article in Forbes, penned by Kevin Dowd. Also, learn the expert’s assessment of what Antler needs to do to get to the Venture Capital mountaintop.

Magnus Grimeland started Antler out of Singapore in 2017 with $500,000 in capital from his time in the fashion industry. A year later, he raised $6 million from a group of colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs.

Today, Antler manages about $500 million in assets, raising money from the likes of $920 billion British asset manager Schroders and the International Finance Corporation (an affiliate of the World Bank).

It operates 21 offices on six continents, with a network of advisors and operators in each city, and it has invested in more than 450 startups.

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Photo: Antler