Wilhelmsen Ship Management: Comprehensive Vessel and Marine Services

We warmly welcome Mr. Radoslaw Walczak, VP Technical at Wilhelmsen Ship Management, to the matchmaking event 19 April, hosted with PIER71 and MPA.

As an industry leader in the maritime sector seeking innovative solutions to existing challenges, Wilhelmsen Ship Management excels in providing a broad spectrum of specialized services.

Their extensive portfolio encompasses technical management, crew management, OPEX management, and auxiliary ship services, all aimed at optimizing vessel operations and enhancing safety. With a robust global presence across 2,100 port locations, Wilhelmsen guarantees consistent, high-quality service worldwide.

Their expertise spans from thorough ship inspections and vetting to complete project management of new vessel construction, prioritizing sustainability and operational excellence. Focused on cost-effective solutions and maintaining a strong safety culture, Wilhelmsen is recognized as a pioneering force in the maritime services industry.

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