Assentiri: Simplifying shipping transactions

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Torgeir Willumsen, Founder and CEO of Assentiri, to the matchmaking event on April 19, co-hosted with PIER71 and MPA.

Assentiri is at the forefront of much-needed modernization efforts in the ship sale and purchase process, a sector known for its conservatism. Traditionally, stakeholders like shipowners, brokers, lawyers, and banks face a time-consuming maze of manual processes. This complexity only increases with stringent regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering measures.

Assentiri is changing the landscape by digitizing these transactions. Their first product is a managed digital escrow service that is simple, efficient, and secure.

If you are involved in the sale and purchase of ships, we invite you to contact Assentiri for a demonstration and see how they can streamline your shipping transactions.

Visit Assentiri for more information and to make contact.