Featured artist: Reza Hasni

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Featured artist: Reza Hasni


NBAS is collaborating with upcoming artists in Singapore and Norway to showcase their work, while we get a creative take on our graphic profile. From June 2021 until the Singapore Norway Innovation Conference (SNIC 2021) in October, NBAS will feature Reza Hasni. This artwork by Reza Hasni is protected by copyright and any copying is expressly prohibited.

Reza Hasni is a Singaporean graphic artist and illustrator who is currently based in Berlin. His art is best-described as psychedelic pop, introducing mystical ideas in a modern manner. You can recognize his unique works by their bright, colourful and playful expression. He draws inspiration from a great variety of things, ranging from geometry to religion and spirituality, as well as emojis and pop culture.

Beyond the physical world

In his creative process, Reza is not limited by the physical constraints of the real world. Instead, he creates an alternative and imagined reality which gives him infinite opportunities. He is a strong believes of the idea that “dreamers can change the world” and invites viewers to imagine an alternate world where anything is possible. To It’s Nice That, Reza explains that his works are “a contemporary reflection of our world and its unseen energies.”

Img 9318 Photo By Marisse Caine

Get inspired for SNIC2021

Reza Hasni will be our featured artist until the Singapore Norway Innovation Conference in October. His inspiring artworks, which empower us to think outside the box, is the ideal fit for the vision of SNIC2021. We share Reza’s sentiment that anything can be made possible if we just set our minds to it. For Reza, this relates to creating groundbreaking illustrations. For the Norwegian business community in Singapore, it relates to finding smart, sustainable solutions. Stay tuned for seeing more of his works in our digital and communications materials in the weeks to come!

1 Lost Harmony Rework
Yin Yang Small
4a Motherearth World V1 (1)
Inneroutar Forest Exibition
Dance Psychedelia 2020
Plantdemic 01

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