Featured artist of the month: Doodle Twins

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NBAS is collaborating with upcoming artists in Singapore and Norway to showcase their work, while we get a creative take on our graphic profile. In April 2021, NBAS will be featuring Doodle Twins. Doodle Twins has given us the rights to use their artwork in our communication material.

Doodle twins – dare to be different!

Our featured artist of the month – Doodle Twins – is an artistic duo consisting of the identical twins Marcus and Nicolay Drazkowski. Despite their incredibly young age, the 13 year old boys have already made a name for themselves in the art scene and beyond. We spoke to their manager Tor-Oscar Wold, who runs the art collective Oslo Custom.

Marcus and Nicolay grew up in Sletnemarka in Trondheim. They started exploring their creative sides in kindergarten and at school, where they enjoyed drawing, painting, needlework and more. These projects allowed them to frolic in the creative world, developing their ideas together. While most other children their age were out playing football, Doodle Twins spent all their free time on creative arts. They have always dared to be different – pursuing their unconventional hobbies and passions.

Playful and detailed doodle art

Doodle Twins have been best friends since birth and work on all their projects together with a shared vision. They often work on a number of paintings at the same time, shifting back and forth between projects. Their unique doodle art has become the recognizing feature of Doodle Twins.

Drawing inspiration from Murakami and Pushwagner, their visual expression is colourful, impulsive and fun. They are not afraid of pushing boundaries in their creative processes, which give their works a playful feel. At the same time, their doodle art is a combination of countless smaller elements, which require accurate precision and attention to detail.

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An exciting future ahead

The boys have already made great achievements in their career. They had their first exhibition Summer 2020 at Hype Weekend – an event co-organized by Oslo Custom and Limited Heat at MS Bjørvika. Their first official exhibition – called #Daretobedifferent – was launched in Bl_nk Gallery in Oslo, where they are now part of the permanent collection.

Despite challenged related to the pandemic, the boys have many upcoming, exciting projects underway. They are currently cooperating with a number of musical artists, including Isah, Sebastian Zalo and Terje Sporsem. They are also working towards a main exhibition in August 2021.

Artworks aside, Doodle Twins are about to launch a doodle book and their own soda brand. Moreover, the boys are currently taking part in the production of a TV series about themselves and their journey. It is safe to say that we will be seeing a lot of the twins and their work moving forward!

Oslo custom – empowering young artists

Doodle Twin’s manager, Tor Oscar-Wold, has an equally fascinating story. Like Doodle Twins, he was a creative child, experimenting with arts, music and various expressions. However, he soon realized that there was lacking opportunities for young people to make it in the industry. Since that point, he has worked to give others the opportunities he could not get. It started by helping out friends and acquaintances, for example by providing the necessary tools and equipment, but has later turned into great projects. Tor-Oscar now runs Oslo Custom, a production house dedicated to lifting young talents, as well as Bl_nk Gallery. He is dedicated to create a platform for young, aspiring artists to realize their full creative potential.

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Check out Doodle Twins here.
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