Featured Artist: Maja Berglund

Maja Berglund Featured Artist
NBAS is collaborating with upcoming artists in Singapore and Norway to highlight their work, while we get a creative take on our graphic profile. From August to October 2022, we admire the fine art of Maja Berglund (23) from Norway.

Maja Berglund grew up surrounded by a family of artists and art enthusiasts in Finnsnes, Norway. Ever since primary school, she has had a great interest in drawing and painting. And, in 2016 she decided to make a career out of it.

Initially, she started with realistic drawing. Further, she developed her style with marker-drawing. She also explored digital art and today she works with both acrylic and oil paint. Since 2021, she has been studying at Einar Granum Art School in Oslo.

Maja uses clear lines and harmonious colour palettes. Through her art, she seeks to spread good energy and atmosphere with strong references to music, dance and love. Her style is greatly inspired by the cubist stiletto era, mixed with her fondness for pop art and art deco. Maja Berglund’s sources of inspiration are Pablo Picasso, Didier Lorenco and George Kurasov.