Members only: Welcome to Constitutional Day Lunch !

Nbas 17 May Business Lunch 2022

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Norwegian Business Association Singapore and DNB have the pleasure of inviting you for lunch on our Constitution Day, 17 May.

For this special occasion, your partner is also warmly welcome.

The lunch will be hosted Tuesday 17 May at 12.30 PM in six different restaurants in the Central Business District. NBAS will be doing the table setting, and you will be allocated to a restaurant in groups of six.

If you have attended a previous lunch, we will place you at a table with someone different to make sure you meet new acquaintances.

A big thanks to DNB who sponsors the lunch. Due to their support, we can invite you to dine with us for SGD 80 per person.

We have 72 spots available for lunch. First come, first serve.  We are looking forward to seeing you!

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A big thanks to DNB, who is supporting the lunch.