Members only: Tech Circle #3 2022 – Change management

Tech Circle 3 Featured Article

The only constant force in any business is changing market conditions, technology, or society. Organizations can actively drive that change – or the company can choose to adapt to the change happening in their industry.

Therefore, understanding how to adopt an effective change management strategy is key to the future survival and growth of the business.

This month’s NBAS Tech Circle will share two unique perspectives on change.

Bing Zhao from TOMRA will look at change management through the lens of sustainability. Adopting a sustainable business practice is all about driving changes. We are moving from “nice to have” to an integrated approach and walking the talk to achieve financially and environmentally sustainable momentum for every business.

Erik Ingvoldstad from Careera will talk about driving change through empathy and design.

As always, the floor will be open for discussion.

The event will also be an exclusive opportunity to meet and mingle with Innovation Norway’s office managers in the APAC region who are in town that day. Afterward, we grab a bite of food or a drink in the Central Business District.

Note: Guests need to present evidence of complete vaccination against COVID-19 upon entrance to the restaurant, either through the Trace Together App or Token.


Time: Wednesday 25 May, 5 pm – 6.30 pm
Venue: IN Techlab, #44-03 Hong Leong building, 16 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048581

Erik Ingvoldstad

Erik Ingvoldstad, Founder & CEO at Carrera

Change by Design – leveraging empathy to drive innovation.

Erik is a serial entrepreneur, an innovator, a creative leader, and a UX designer. He is currently building Careera, a new digital recruitment platform. Erik is driven by problems/solutions, focusing on fixing real-world issues with great ideas and innovative and relevant technologies. Erik holds a master’s degree in digital management from Hyper Island.


Bing Zhao

Bing Zhao, Head of Asia at TOMRA Collection

Change Management in the Age of Sustainability

Bing has a genuine passion for sustainable business models and green industries that make the world better. Bing heads TOMRA’s Collection business in Asia, the leading circular economy and sustainable technology player. Bing holds an M.Sc degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


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