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Super Apps: The Future of FinTech?

Time : 13th of August,  3-4 pm SGT, 9-10 am CET

While Super Apps have become a trending phenomenon in the world of tech, the concept itself remains ambiguous to many. If you live in the West, you might have heard the term being used, but if you live in Asia, Super Apps is something you cannot escape. Super Apps are built and developed as marketplaces for several integrated services in one consolidated tech solution. Super Apps are multipurpose platforms, offering services such as voice and video chat, ridesharing, food delivery, lifestyle services, e-commerce, digital banking and payments, to only mention a few. In one simple phrase, Super Apps have become the swissknife of modern day living in Asia. 

Imagine being able to order your favorite food delivered to your doorstep, while simultaneously booking cinema tickets for the evening, and the ride to get you there, all in one app, without ever having to use credit card or cash? 

While Super Apps are dominant in Asia, and quickly developing in South East Asia, we still have a way to go in other parts of the world. What is the projected traction of Super Apps on a global scale? Can Super Apps gain the same traction in Norway? 

In this NBAS Special Insight webinar, we have gathered a panel of top qualified experts that will explore the topic of Super Apps from a highly relevant perspective, namely FinTech. Financial services and digital payments have, undoubtedly, quickly become a leading component and function of Super Apps in South East Asia. 

We will aim to uncover the opportunities for companies to capitalize on and utilize Super Apps to improve operations in general and across industry segments.

  • FinTech and Super Apps. What is the connection?
  • Super Apps: a threat or a necessary disruption to traditional financial services?
  • How will Super Apps change the future of banking and payments?
  • What are the factors that make Super Apps dominant in Asia, not yet gaining ground elsewhere in the world? Why are they so successful?
  • What lessons and best practices can South East Asia share that Norway and other countries could learn from?  
  • What are the potentials of Super Apps in Norway and other western countries?
  • What are the trends unfolding, and what potential opportunities can we envision the Super App phenomenon to have on other industries, such as for instance, maritime and shipping?

Moderator: Leonard Opitz Stornes, President of NBAS.

In dialogue

Berit 500x500

Berit Svendsen, Director of Vipps

Vipps is a Norwegian mobile payment application designed for smartphones developed by DNB. Berit is leading the internationalization of Vipps, and she is one of the most profiled leaders in Norway and formerly CEO of Telenor Norway.

Warren Teh 500x500

Warren Teh, CEO, We Chat App, Singapore

Warren is a seasoned entrepreneur and trainer specializing in WeChat marketing development based in Singapore. 

Joachim 500x500

Joachim Braathen, Senior Product Manager, GrabPay, Singapore

GrabPay is the collection of innovative payment products offered regionally by Grab to users, merchants and partners. Joachim is an experienced Ecommerce, FinTech and payments product manager with several years international experience from Asia, US and Europe.

Fred 2

Frederic Giron, VP & Research Director, Singapore

In his role as research director, Fred Giron leads Forrester’s China and Southeast Asia research teams.Fred’s personal areas of expertise span the domains of financial services, digital operating models, as well as business technologies.

Leonard Opitz Stornes


Leonard Opitz Stornes, Singapore

The dialogue will be moderated by Leonard Opitz Stornes. Managing Director for NHST Media Group Asia and President of the Norwegian Business Association in Singapore.


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