Members only: Tech Circle #4 2022 – Reduce costs and make your business more profitable through Web3!

Tech Circle Web3

In this edition of the Tech Circle, we discuss and share on how you can use Web3 to make your business more profitable, secure, and compliant and improve your relations with your customers.


4.30 pm: Welcome! Rigmor Berthier, NBAS
4.40 pm: Magnus Grimeland CEO of Antler and Thomas Howard, Crypto Entrepreneur and Angel with Taureon: What is Web3 and how can companies use Web3 to their benefit?
5.10 pm: Informal discussion and experience sharing on Web3. Networking.
6.00 pm: Closing.

Among the topics we will discuss during this conversation:

What is Web3?

  • How can businesses utilise the opportunities that Web3 gives?
  • How can businesses adapt to the blockchain-technology and utilise the security- transparency- and accountability advantages this technology provides.
  • What role will cryptocurrency play for finance institutions?
  • How will Web3 change the way companies utilise users’ data?
  • How Web3 can help businesses to reduce costs and be more competitive
  • How Web3 can help companies to be more compliant to government requirements.

We will serve afternoon snacks and drinks. The event is open for members of NBAS.

You are warmly welcome!

Time: Thursday 30 June, 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm
Venue: MYP Centre, 9 Battery Road, L15, Singapore 049910


Magnus Grimeland

Magnus Grimeland, CEO of Antler

Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in the world’s most exceptional people. Magnus was previously cofounder and regional managing director of Zalora.


Tom Howard

Thomas Howard, Crypto Entrepreneur and Angel with Taureon

Tom has been angel investing in web3 since early 2017, co-founded PowerTrade crypto options exchange, co-founded a crypto payments startup, and is long time active contributor to DeFi and DAOs.

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