Life is an unpredictable project. What can I do about that?

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Web seminar with Ingvard Wilhelmsen

Monday October 26th from 8:00pm-9:00pm

Ingvard Wilhelmsen, one of the most popular public speakers in Norway, will hold a Zoom lecture for the Norwegian community in Singapore on the topic:

“Life is an uncertain project.  Our attitudes toward brooding and worries, insecurities and risks, life and death”.

Ingvard Wilhelmsen is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Bergen and a specialist in internal medicine and psychiatry. For 25 years he has run a small Hypochondriac clinic at Haraldsplass Deaconess Hospital and has written several books, including: “Life is an Uncertain Project” (“Livet er et usikkert prosjekt”), “Boss of your own Life” (“Sjef i eget liv”), “The King Recommends” (“Kongen anbefaler”) and “You are not worse off than others” (“Det er ikke mer synd på deg enn på andre”).

Wilhelmsen believes that most things in life are beyond our control, but how we deal with what happens is a personal choice. The only thing we can 100% control is our attitude and behaviour. Nobody can stop us from believing and acting as we wish.  He recommends that we choose a beneficial frame of mind, in other words, an outlook that helps us reach our goals.

In this short “hour of encouragement” we will receive greetings from Ambassador Anita Nergaard, the Norwegian Business Association Singapore and the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission Singapore. We will also have the pleasure of listening to Norwegian music played by the flutist Maria Inderberg.

In a time of limited opportunities to gather, and as a treat after a very unusual spring and summer, this will serve as a mental “vitamin injection” for us all.

Norwegian music played by the flutist Sigrid Maria Inderberg.

The event is supported by Telenor.

In dialogue


Ingvard Wilhelmsen

Anita Nergaard

H.E. Ambassador Anita Nergaard, Norwegian Embassy in Singapore

Opening Remarks

Anders Hegre

Anders Hegre, Executive Director NBAS

Opening Remarks

Stein 500

Stein Magnar Mangersnes

Opening Remarks

Sigrid 500

Sigrid Maria Inderberg


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