Entrepreneurship in times of crisis

nbas webinar 01
NBAS joined forces with Antler to highlight the challenges and opportunities regarding entrepreneurship and venture capital, due to the COVID 19-crisis.

What changes do our experts see? What does the world look like after COVID-19? What will be the takeaway from COVID-19 regarding innovation and new technology? Do we see differences between Norway and Singapore on how the VC market is affected by COVID-19?

Watch the recording here.

In dialogue:

Leo2 Lisa Enckell Paul Kastmann Magnus Grimeland

Leonard Opitz Stornes, moderator. Managing Director for NHST Media Group Asia and President of the Norwegian Business Association in Singapore.

Lisa Enckell, partner at Antler, responsible for global communication and part of Antler’s investment committees.

Paul Kastmann, director of Innovation Norway Singapore and Honorary Secretary of NBAS.

Magnus Grimeland, CEO at Antler and an active angel/seed investor in Asia, Europe and the US.