COVID-19: Impact on Asia’s Economies

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Eurocham is hosting a webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on Asia’s economies.

Covid-19 has spread outside China faster and further than expected, prompting governments in Asia and around the world to impose dramatic measures to contain the pandemic.

Policy makers and central banks have been quick to commit support for their economies through fiscal and monetary stimuli. But most Asian countries will not be able to avoid a recession in the short run and this will inevitably impact many multinational corporates in the region.

How long will the recession last and what are the chances of a rebound in economic activity later this year?

Global companies are closely observing how different governments navigate the crisis and what this means for their business. And they might re-think future investments and supply chain set ups to ensure stability and continuity for their business.

This webinar will not only provide an outlook on the journey ahead but also insights into the potential economic and business impact for corporates active in Asia.

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The speaker: Dr. Michael SPENCER, Managing Director, Chief Economist and Head of Research Asia Pacific Deutsche Bank